Grades, Due Dates, & End of Session

A couple notes on the end of the session. The due date for my receiving all of your materials in the class in this Wednesday at noon.

  1. Make sure you have at least five blog comments.
  2. If you have quizzes you haven’t submitted, take a picture of them and email me.
  3. Make sure you’ve done quiz 5 online (if you didn’t do it in class).

I will submit final grades on Wednesday afternoon.

Have a good rest of the summer. I assume the President’s Office will tell us when our RAI TV segment goes live.


Quiz 5

I held class, but only three of you were there–y’all too important now, because you’re TV stars–so I’m putting Quiz 5 online.

Think back to our first class on the value of a college education. The question there was: is college education worth the price we pay for it? Apply that question to this class. Was this class worth the price you paid for it in money, time, and labor? If so, how so? If not, why not?

I’m looking for about a paragraph.

Thursday’s Agenda: We’re on TV!

As you all know by now, this Thursday the 21st, our class is going to be taped for a segment of the show “Christianity” on RAI, the Italian television network. The show’s host is Sister Myriam Castelli. She’ll be conducting a series of interviews with faculty (and, I believe, students), and then taping our class on drones.

Our class that day will be in 326 Ed Commons on the Rutherford campus. Please try to get there by 11:30 at the latest. I don’t have any particular pointers about what to wear, but just bear in mind that you’re going to be on TV: you’ll want to look good, but not overdress so that the class looks staged.

You can hand your quizzes to me that day, but for obvious reasons, we won’t be having a quiz that day in class. I’d like to have a general conversation about drone warfare of the kind we had today in class. I will draw on all of the drone warfare material we’ve covered, including the stuff on Israel, Obama’s speech, and signature strikes, along with the parallels I’ve been drawing to racial profiling in the case of domestic policing. Continue reading

Drugs, Despair, and Resistance: From Gaza to White Clay, Nebraska

I mentioned Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations today in class, in the context of discussing drug use in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Here is an informative video on the border town of White Clay, Nebraska, which I described as the saddest, most degraded place I have ever visited in my travels. Here is an article about a similar phenomenon in Gaza. Feel free to comment.

Sullum on Recreational Drug Use

We spent two classes discussing the pros and cons of drug use in various contexts. Go back and evaluate Jacob Sullum’s argument in favor of recreational drug use. What are its strengths and weaknesses? How good of an overall case does he make for recreational drug use?