Extra Credit: Khawaja’s Four Suggestions for Dealing with COVID-19

As I’ve said before, I don’t usually link the class website to my personal website, but the COVID-19 is a unique, unprecedented event in history, and it has a certain relevance to themes in our class. I actually plan to cover COVID-19 in the last few classes of the semester, but the issue is so fast-moving and so urgent that I feel like I can’t wait that long at least to touch on the issue.

At any rate, this is a post from my personal blog called, “Four Suggestions” (opens in a new window); it comes from a series of posts I’ve done for the last ten days or so. I make four suggestions here–three practical ones, and one regarding the right and wrong attitudes to take toward the crisis.

Comment on any combination of these suggestions: all four, any three, any two, just one. Are my suggestions good or bad? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What, if anything, have I overlooked?

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