Extra Credit: Khawaja’s Four Suggestions for Dealing with COVID-19

As I’ve said before, I don’t usually link the class website to my personal website, but the COVID-19 is a unique, unprecedented event in history, and it has a certain relevance to themes in our class. I actually plan to cover COVID-19 in the last few classes of the semester, but the issue is so fast-moving and so urgent that I feel like I can’t wait that long at least to touch on the issue.

At any rate, this is a post from my personal blog called, “Four Suggestions” (opens in a new window); it comes from a series of posts I’ve done for the last ten days or so. I make four suggestions here–three practical ones, and one regarding the right and wrong attitudes to take toward the crisis.

Comment on any combination of these suggestions: all four, any three, any two, just one. Are my suggestions good or bad? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What, if anything, have I overlooked?

6 thoughts on “Extra Credit: Khawaja’s Four Suggestions for Dealing with COVID-19

  1. The suggestion to close all playgrounds is very good. You never know who could’ve been there last and no one ever really washes the sets of swings or the slide after they use it so it’s one of the most easiest ways to get the virus. Especially due to many cases being reported of people trying to spread it by “licking things” while infected so what’s a more easier way to catch the virus than going to a place where everyone has access to and no one is restricted from going.


  2. As I was reading your four suggestions, I really liked and completely agree with number 1 and 3. Closing all playgrounds and public gyms was the smartest thing to do, unfortunately it took awhile for it to get done, but that definitely helped in stopping the spread of the virus. It has been said that Covid-19 was able to stay intact on the surfaces of things for a long period of time. Public gyms, playgrounds and all sorts of places like that, became one of the most dangerous areas to be in during this pandemic. You don’t know who touched that weight before you or who was sitting on the swing before your child, that person may have been sick or even had the Coronavirus. Children put their fingers in their mouth and we touch our faces, and that’s how easily we can become ill ourselves. As for suggestion 3 “Repurpose vacated college dorms as quarantine facilities”, I believe that’s a good idea. I never even thought of something like that before I read this blog post, hospitals have been running out of beds and college dorms could really help. With the proper cleaning equipment and the health authorities taking over, dorms could really become a big part in this crisis. They’re not being used, might as well use them to help stop all of this.


  3. After reading your four suggestions, I have to say I agree with you, but the first one mainly caught my attention. I completely agree that playgrounds and public gyms should have closed right away. As I do live near a park in my town, I would not want children running around the place touching everything in sight and potentially getting me or anyone around them sick. Children will literally touch anything and run around places while not realizing they could be spreading and bringing home many germs and bacteria, or a virus that could possibly be COVID-19. I was slightly surprised when these playground, or public places, were not shut down immediately when COVID-19 hit our country. Children will touch everything in the park and then touch their faces and get themselves, and others, sick, so why did they not think to shut down public play grounds sooner? I guess they did not expect COVID-19 to hit our country the way it did.


    • Also, I wanted to add that suggestion number 3, about repurposing college dorms as quarantine facilities, is an interesting idea that will benefit the hospitals since they have been over populated. I do and do not agree with this. The hospitals are struggling on where to put some patients since there is not enough room. College dorms WOULD definitely benefit them in patient care, however, would students really want to risk coming back to their dorms after knowing that those infected with COVID-19 were in the same room? Yes, after the patients leave the dorming facilities, it will, or at least should, be thoroughly disinfected multiple times, but will some students not want to risk it? You never know how others may feel about coming back after this situation.


  4. I completely agree with all the points regarding how to deal with COVID-19. As Dr. Khawaja said in point 4, we need to focus on the real problem and work together to stop the spread of the virus. At the time this was written, the parks were not closed. I agree with point 1, as the parks should have closed from the beginning. Parks are a major pool of bacteria, since there are many surfaces and people who are potentially infected. In addition, children are known to put their hands and objects in their mouths. That would sadly cause them and their families to contract the COVID-19 virus. Thus, closing the parks was an excellent idea that should have been in place from the beginning. Repurposing college dorms as quarantine facilities is an idea that I’ve never thought of, and would help many people in this situation. The only problem I would see others having, personally not me, is the fear that many infected people were in the building. Even after disinfection, it may discourage students from returning, however, I don’t see it as an issue that would completely terminate the idea. I believe it would greatly help people like your brother, especially since those dorms are currently not being used.


  5. After reading your four suggestions, I can say I agree with all four of them, through the first suggestion caught my eye in the sense of all parks, playgrounds, and gyms should have been closed immediately as soon as the virus hit our country. My only logical explanation for this not happening immediately is because I don’t think anyone expected it to hit our country as hard it did. The parks and playgrounds closing was the smarter move, since kids always go to them and touch literally everything in sight, without knowing just what kind of germs are on there. Same goes for the gym, before you hop on one of the machinery, 100 people before you could have touched the handle bars with their germs all over it, and to go and touch your face and transferring the germs there, would be even worse. I just think they should have been closed earlier, but in the end, good thing they did close them.


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