Final Take Home Exam (Due May 11)

Assigned: April 27; due to for both sections by midnight (meaning the very end of Monday) on Monday, May 11. information is forthcoming, and will be posted here and on BrightSpace. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR PAPER TO TURNITIN.COM. You need not submit it in any other form.

You have a choice. Write a 750-1,000 word essay on one of the following topics. You may work with other people, but each student must write and submit a unique paper that represents their own work.

(1) By my calculations, on average, each one of you spent about $3,000 taking Phil 250. Was it worth the money? If not, why not? If so, how so? In discussing this topic, you may want to ask yourself what it is that you otherwise would spend $3,000 on, and compare it to the value of taking this class. You should focus less on my merits or demerits as an instructor, and more on the content we covered (though you can focus on my merits/demerits as an instructor). Your essay should show that you actually covered the content we covered. If you think you could have covered this material on your own, explain how. Also explain whether you think it’s likely you really would. If you think the class was valuable, explain what value it is likely to have on you in the future. Whether you discuss merits or demerits, make sure to be clear who should be praised or blamed for either, and why them.

(2) On my personal blog, there’s a project that I call the COVID-19 Narrative Project. Write a contribution to this project, following the instructions on the page (just below). I’ll discuss what I’m looking for in class. If you worked through the pandemic (whether in health care or otherwise), you may wish to discuss what that was like. But even if you were nothing but a student, the experience of being a student under lockdown may be worth describing (including any challenges you faced at home unrelated either to work or school). Or you could describe some combination of these. I will (with your permission) post the best responses I get on my website as entries in the series alongside the others I’ve solicited.

COVID-19 Narrative Project

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