Nursing Assistant in a War Zone; Grading Assistant in a War Zone

Here is the most recent student post in my COVID-19 Narrative Series, by Kendra Francisco in my Phil 250A section. I’ll be contacting seven or eight of you soon to ask permission to post your essay.

I’m working through the grading, but will have to take it up the wire. The grades are due on Thursday. The due date for material was Monday. I will accept material submitted after Monday insofar as I can, but at some point will have to draw the line and stop. Having to accept late submissions, of course, is one reason why it takes me longer to grade.

COVID-19 Narratives (6): Nursing Assistant in a War Zone

I felt lucky to have a grading assistant to get me through this, but it looks like you killed him right off the bat. It’s like he took one look at those papers, and just kind of dropped. I don’t have that luxury. Do I wish I did? Sort of.


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